Best Of: Mobile Website Design

Over the last couple weeks I have spent more time trolling the web for design inspiration than I would actually like to measure. Much of building a website is looking for inspiration, finding tools, tricks, and recommendations from others. Along the way I came across so many amazing examples of website design that I knew I had to compile some of my favorites. 

I've also always loved monthly compilation lists. I'm a sucker for top tens. Top ten donuts, top ten cereals, top ten Bananarama songs. Doesn't matter. I will almost always look. So, I've decided to contribute to my love affair and begin a monthly installment.

I know, there are a million lists out there with web design examples. So, I'm not doing one. At least not exactly. The most inspirational sites I found were so exceptional that even their mobile sites were optimized to be visually beautiful and useful. That amount of attention to detail needs to be recognized. Desktop visuals along side the mobile sites will give you the idea of what I am talking about here. I cannot stress it enough; the attention to detail these fellow designers display is astounding. Huge props to all of the teams behind these sites.

Let's get to it.

February Best Of: Mobile Website Design

Greg Thompson -

Yogurtland -

Weber -

Panera Bread -

Tyler Smith -
This one is a more difficult to display here. If you go to his mobile site you will really see how impressive it is. He implemented a sliding technology for viewing his portfolio samples which, from what I can gather, he was a part of developing. Impressive stuff.