Is Your Thank You Page Failing?


Almost every website has a submission form. Even mine does. They are extremely useful for your business, and your visitors. But, web designers often forget about what happens after the visitor clicks 'submit'. There's an entire screen full of opportunity, where you have your visitor's full attention, as they look for instructions and details as to what happens next.

Why would you ignore this?! Remember, they have just communicated with you. These are HUGE prospects who are already interested in what you have to say. Giving visitors a standard "Thank you for signing up!" message is a green light to leave.

It's not hard to get your Thank You pages working. It doesn't even take a lot of time. And, it can mean a lot to your customers knowing that you took the time and effort to customize the message and make their experience more valuable.

The Basics:

  • Say 'Thank You'
    I know, this seems obvious. But make sure the page clearly states that you appreciate their interest, and that they are a valuable customer/visitor/partner. Even if they're not a customer yet, start treating them like one.
  • Give a timeline
    If they are expecting a response, let them know when you will get back to them. If they won't hear back for seven business days, and they expect a 24-hour response, it's going to be essential to mention this to them. And, when you say 48-hours, mean it. You will almost automatically lose business if you don't.
  • Set expectations
    No matter what the purpose of the form is, always let the visitor know what to expect next. More importantly, do they need to do anything next? Think of this as the, 'Once you ________, we will _________.' No one likes to be left hanging.
  • Make it unique
    Tailor the page to reflect the content of the submission form. Keep the material relevant, and don't re-use the same page every time. The only way to make a Thank You page truly work is to customize it to that exact interaction. Your appreciation can easily be taken as insincere if you start reusing content.

The Opportunities:

  • Get Feedback
    Your customers know how much they want to spend, their satisfaction level, what they think you are missing. So ask. The Thank You page is a perfect place to prompt your prospects/customers to give you a piece of their mind. You may already have a feedback page on your website. Route them there with a simple internal 'banner ad'. Just keep any of these forms simple, short, and let people know how long it will take.
  • Learn more about the visitor
    You would be surprised how many people are willing to give their deets. Why not say 'Thank You! Now, we would like to learn more about you so we may make the (site/service/product) work best for you, our loyal customer.' This juicy data can help your business in a million different ways that you would otherwise have to pay big money to obtain.
  • Increase traffic
    Adding funnels to content the visitor may want to check out next is a great way to increase traffic. Anything to make the site easier to navigate will increase the time spent on your page, and increase the opportunities you will have to make an impact. Thank about linking to your most popular blog posts, resource documents, guides, policies, and new product pages. Just make sure the link is relevant and interesting.
  • Provide (and get) testimonials
    Your loyal customers are the best salespeople. Let someone who is interested in your products see how happy your current customers are. Studies are clear that people trust an online product review more than a sales pitch, or even their friends. Just make sure the testimonial is positive, yet unfiltered. It needs to be natural and sincere. While you are at it, ask the customer to give their own testimonial.
  • Drive social interaction
    As I mentioned, these visitors are already interested in hearing what you have to say. This is the perfect time to drive people to Like, Subscribe, Re-pin, Share and interact.

Every interaction is an opportunity to sell your brand. Whether you are trying to gain customer information or drive sales, there is no reason you can't implement a few of these tactics. What Thank You page tips do you have to share?